Download Office 2021 for free

If you decided to download Office 2021 for free and wondered how to do it, then in this article we will tell you in detail about it. There are several options to download Microsoft Office for free. But not all methods are safe and rational. The essence of the problem lies in the fact that under the concept of “download office 2021 for free” most users mean free activation of the office program or an already activated hacked version of the Office program.

download Office 2021

Download office officially from the Microsoft website

The safest and correct way to download Office 2021 for free and from an official developer is to go to the Microsoft website and download the installation file from there. Next, you will need to run the installation file and proceed to the installation process. During installation, you will need to use your microsoft account. Next, you will be given a 30-day trial period after which you will have to pay money or you will be able to use Microsoft Office in document viewing mode. You will not be able to edit your documents. Buying a license will make all functions available again. Or you can constantly search for Office license keys for free on the Internet. But such keys usually work for a couple of days and the search will have to be performed again. You can also use the Office 2021 activator, which will automatically activate every month.

download Office 2021 free

Download Office 2021 already activated

This method involves downloading Office 2021 for free from third-party sites on the Internet, bypassing Microsoft. The method is not safe, since there is a risk of downloading a virus-infected version of the program. Often such products can be found on torrent resources. The obvious advantage of this method is downloading Office 2021 via a torrent client, which allows you to pause the file download and resume the download at any time, while downloading continues from the place where you left off, and not from the very beginning.

As a result, we have identified two main ways to download Office 2021 for free. We strongly recommend that you use the first option and download programs only from an official source.

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