How to get a key Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus is a popular software that serves as a program for processing electronic documents, as well as creating them and directly for their revision. But, unfortunately, the original product is not free, or rather the license key to it is paid and not everyone is ready to give money for it, especially if they are in a difficult situation. You can get this key for free, although you will have to spend a little time. But how do you still get it – a free key to Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus? Let’s take it apart!

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus key

Find a free key on the Internet by searching for “Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Key for free”

You will get a large number of sites that give away free keys. To activate the key, you will need to enter it in the activation window of the graphic key. The key itself consists of a certain combination of numbers and letters and has the form: XXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX-XXXXXX. But if you delve a little more into this method, you can understand that such free keys are not always a guarantee of quality. For example, another 100 people could have entered this key before you, and it is no longer valid. And this is a dubious option also because you can run into Microsoft Office blocking.

Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus Key for free

Download the server emulator program

This method is already more practical, since the downloaded program will create a virtual server for use with Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus. That is, we can say that such programs are emulators. The most popular program and the most secure is KMS AUTO. You can download from our official website without viruses and third-party software.

KMS Auto button Activation
KMS Auto Activation

Download the pirated version with the key already activated

This is of course the most banal solution to the issue, but also the most dangerous. Why? You don’t have to go far, everything is clear here anyway. When downloading software from some dubious sites, you risk running into viruses. These viruses can be both invisible to you and your computer, and can be very damaging to the performance of your PC.

Purchase a license key for money on the “black market”

This is a fairly popular method, since you can use it for some time without problems. The key itself will cost several times cheaper than if you bought it from Microsoft. But, with this option, it is still important to remember that this method does not give a 100% guarantee, since when checking for authenticity, your key may be considered as unlicensed. As a result, you will either simply be blocked or some sanctions will be imposed. And if you think about it, then constantly buying such keys you will spend many times more money than you would buy a license. This method works as follows – sellers buy OEM keys, as if they are manufacturers, and simply resell them to you on popular sites.

Buy a physical disk of the program and enter the key

Yes, you can just buy a physical MS Office media and enter the key. Usually this key is located on the inside of the package.

Buy a license from an official Microsoft distributor

We all understand that when buying license keys from official distributors, we will have to give more money than if we took it from someone else. But, it gives you a guarantee of authenticity, that is, you will not be considered a pirate and your Office will work stably.
These were the basic and most basic methods to get the key to the Microsoft Office 2019 Professional Plus product. It is important to remember that although such methods can help solve the problem, however, some of them can give these problems even more. The most optimal method in our opinion is to download the KMSAUTO for Ms Office. It is absolutely free and does not entail negative consequences.

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