Minimum system requirements for Office 2021

If you are interested in installing a new Microsoft Office software package, then you definitely need to read this article and find out what minimum system requirements are needed to install Office 2021. Users who are chasing updates often do not take into account the fact that minimum system requirements do not guarantee comfortable work in Microsoft Office applications. The speed of downloading electronic documents and editing them can be accompanied by significant expectations and slow operation of the interface. Let’s take a look at what parameters are needed to launch Office 2021.

Minimum system requirements for Office 2021

Processor for Office 2021

The minimum frequency of your processor must be at least 1.6 Ghz. If you plan to run and work in the Skype-business application, then the processor frequency should be at least 2 Ghz. The processor should have at least two cores.

cpu for office2021

RAM to run Office 2021

If your operating system is 64 bit, then you will need from 4 GB of RAM and more. If the operating system is 32-bit, then the memory will need two times less, namely 2 GB or more. These are the minimum system requirements for RAM that the launch of Office 2021 requires. Take into account the fact that RAM is one of the most important parameters for the program interface. We advise you to have at least 8 GB to work in the Office 2021 program.

ram for Office 2021

Hard Drive for Office 2021

The new office software package requires 4 GB of space on your system’s hard drive. If you plan to update the program as official updates are released, then you should take this into account and have free space on your hard disk for stock. Both HDD disks and SSD are suitable for the program. On ssd models, the program will work much faster.

Graphical system requirements for the Office program

To launch the Office 2021 program, you will need a monitor with a minimum screen resolution of 1280X720 pixels (720p). The video adapter must be compatible with the DirectX 9 library and higher. Compatibility with the WDDM 1.3 and higher driver is also required. Video memory from 256 MB .


Operating system for Office 2021

To run Office 2021, you must have an operating system starting from Microsoft Windows 10. The architecture of the operating system can be either 32 bits or 64 bits. If we are talking about server versions of the operating system, then Windows Server 2019 and higher will be suitable for Office 2021.

The very fact that the Microsoft Windows 10 or higher operating system is installed on your computer suggests that you will be able to launch Office 2021. But taking into account the fact that you have free space on your hard drive.

Additional minimum system requirements to run Office 2021

To run some MS Office components , programs such as Microsoft may be required .NET 3.5 or 4.6. But usually these programs are already installed in Win 10 and Win 11.

It is important to remember that to run Office 2021 on your computer, you will need to purchase an official license from Microsoft or from official dilers. You can also activate Office with the KMSAuto and determine whether this software is suitable for you and whether it is worth spending money on an official license.

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