Exploring Microsoft Office 2021

You will find out what has been added to the new version of the popular software from Microsoft! What are the benefits and upgrades? Microsoft Office 2021 is an office software package from Microsoft Corporation, which was released 3 years after the release of Office 2019. The developers have released an updated version of MS Office along with a new operating system – Windows 11. The updated version received a significantly extensive database of functionality and updates. But where to start exploring Microsoft Office 2021? Today we will sort it out!

exploring microsoft Office 2021

History of creation

The official announcement of the new office suite was in February 2021. According to the results of this announcement , several things became clear:

  1. The beta version for business users will be available in April of the same year.
  2. MS Office will be in two versions: for regular users and for business users.
  3. In addition to these versions, MS Office will also become an office suite for entire organizations.
  4. The price of packages for Proffesional Plus and Office Standart for organizations will become more expensive by 10%, while for ordinary users the price will remain unchanged.
  5. The list of applications included in MS Office 2021 was spoken – these were Word, MS Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.
  6. The special version of LTSC will not support Skype for Business.

Innovations and updates

The new version of the software has received a number of innovations:

  1. The program has received some functionality from the Microsoft 365 developed.
  2. A dark theme of visual design has been added.
  3. Improved accessibility for people who have health problems.
  4. Added support and work with dynamic arrays.
  5. The XLOOKUP function was introduced, which serves as a data mapping between tables.
  6. Authorship of the document was introduced. That is, we can say that several people could work on one file at the same time.
  7. Modern comments were introduced. Now you can manage the time of sending a message.
  8. The slideshow recording has been updated. Now this recording will be able to support recordings of presenters and speakers, manuscript recordings and laser pointers.

In addition, you can start getting acquainted with Microsoft Office 2021 with the differences from previous versions.

Differences from previous versions

As a comparison, let’s take the previous version of the software – Microsoft Office 2019.

  • The performance of the new MS Office has been significantly improved.
  • The new version has the ability to reproduce the strokes of the pen and arrange the elements on the slide.
  • Support for OpenDocument 1.3 (ODF) has been added. Also, the Draw tab has been updated. A dot eraser and an arbitrary selection were added.
  • Outlook began to work even faster, it became possible to refine the information and filter the result.
  • The ability to leave comments on emails, create notes to pictures has been added.
  • The database of languages for translating documents has been updated.

The new version now allows you to translate into 70+ different languages of the world.
The ability to create animated graphics has also been added.

In total, in the new version, you can work in 11 client applications

  • Access
  • MS Excel
  • OneNote
  • OutLook
  • PowerPoint
  • Project
  • Publisher
  • Skype for business
  • Teams
  • Visio
  • Word

The new version of Microsoft Office 2021 can be used by users who have Windows and macOS operating systems, and the Windows version should not be lower than the 10th.

The price for an Office 2021 license

Prices for a license key start from $ 60. It depends on the revision of the Office 2021 version. To purchase a license is the most correct option if you want to legally use MS Office and not have program failures at the same time. You can also activate Office for free with the KMSAuto.

KmsAuto activated Office
KmsAuto activated Office

The latest and most recent version of this program was released on January 10, 2023.
In conclusion, we can say that Microsft Office 2021 has become much richer in functionality and capabilities. The new version definitely deserves attention and a more detailed acquaintance with it. In addition, the new application is as convenient and intuitive as possible. I am also glad that Microsoft Corporation always tries to maintain its product and periodically updates it, making the product even more high-quality and multifunctional. This is where our exploring Microsoft Office 2021 comes to an end.

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