Important questions about the KMSAuto Activator

In this section we have collected the most important and popular questions regarding the KMSAuto activator. If your activation failed, then you can look at a suitable topic here and it will help solve your problem. Also, this section is useful to read for general development.

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Questions and answers about the KMS Auto activator will be arranged in order of popularity from top to bottom. This is done for convenience. You can also use the site search form to find the topic you need related to Windows activation or Office. Let’s go!

Why you should choose the KMSAuto activator

You may encounter quite a lot of free activators on the Internet. But none of the activators has such popularity as KMSAuto NET. The essence of this success is that the developer has not abandoned the program and updates are released every quarter of the year. Therefore, the activator always successfully activates the latest versions of Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows products.

Is there a difference in the activation of MS Windows and MS Office

You won’t notice the difference in Office or Windows activation. The licensing system for these programs is the same. Therefore, the activation is the same. There are minor differences in the activation procedure. You can see this by reading the articles about Windows activation and Office activation.

KmsAuto Net activator for Windows and Office

Will activation remain after updating the version of Microsoft products

If you update Windows or Office, the activation will disappear. You must remove the KMS Auto service before updating. Then, after the update, you need to download the activator and repeat the activation procedure again.

After downloading the archive with the activator, it is not on the hard disk

Most likely, you are faced with the work of antivirus software. You need to read the instructions regarding your antivirus program to find out how to add an activator to exceptions. The policy of antivirus programs does not support free activators that work bypassing the purchase of a key.

After the activation procedure, what to do with the KMSAuto activator

You can remove the activator after use. After all, after activation, the program will install the service into the operating system that will activate automatically. If the activation fails over time, then you can visit our website again and download the latest version of the activator.

What is the difference between KMSpico and KMSAuto

You may notice that the names of the activators are almost the same, which means that they have the same activation principle. But the difference is that KMS Auto has more flexible settings and a manual mode called NOAUTO. KMSpico is a simpler program and all actions are reduced to pressing one button. But the main difference between these programs is that KMSpico has not been supported by the developer for more than 4 years.

What alternatives are there to the KMSAuto activator

It depends on the specific tasks, depending on what you want to activate which software product from microsoft. Let’s list the alternatives of activators.

  • Microsoft Toolkit – suitable for activating Windows 8-11 operating systems and also suitable for activating Office 2010-2021. Supported by the developer.
  • Windows Loader – suitable for activating Windows 7/Vista. Not supported by the developer.
  • KMSpico – suitable for activating Windows 8-10 as well as for activating Office 2010-2019. Not supported by the developer.
  • You can also not use activators, but use a 30-day demo access to the Microsoft Office program.

Where is it better to download Microsoft products before activation

You should download Microsoft products only from the official Microsoft website. This is a guarantee that malicious code has not been introduced into the programs. Do not download the Windows installer and Office from third-party sites and torrent distributions. It’s not safe.

download Microsoft

I want to buy an official license

You made a good decision if you wanted to buy an official key from Microsoft or an official seller. To do this, you need to remove the KMSAuto service from your computer. In the “System” tab there is a button “Delete KMS-host Service”. You need to press this button. After that, you will be able to use the official purchased key. Keep it up!

Delete Kms-host service

What is KMS

KMS is a special server to which requests from Microsoft programs are sent. This server analyzes these requests and gives an answer about the activation status of the program. As you might have guessed, KMS Auto emulates this service and thus performs an activation check.

Kms server

Let’s summarize the results

We have tried to reveal the most popular questions concerning the activator. This is not the final version of the article. This section will be updated. We ask you to send your questions on the feedback page and also write your questions in the comments. We will be happy to give you an answer and help you activate the product from Microsoft. You should remember that the best activation of Office and Windows is the purchase of an official activation key from Microsoft!

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