How to activate Windows using the KMSAuto Net

According to statistics from the StatCounter website, the Windows operating system ranks second in popularity worldwide after Android. 26% of users worldwide chose Windows. If you have visited our website, then you are clearly one of the users who have chosen Windows. Microsoft provides Windows for money, but you can activate the operating system for free using the KMSAuto program.
There is already an article on our website about how to easily activate an Office using a Kms activator. You can also easily activate the operating system.

KmsAuto Net for Windows


Which versions of Windows are activated by the KMSAuto?

You can activate the following list of operating systems:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 11

Win Xp and lower versions do not support the activation method that our utility uses.

Please note the versions of Win 7, Win Xp are no supported by developers. Their use may not be safe.

Description of the activation process

The process of verifying the license of modern Microsoft products takes place via the Internet. Your Windows or Office program communicates with the nearest MIcrosoft server. This is how the product license is verified. The KmsAutoNet program creates a server inside your computer. This server confirms the activation of Microsoft programs. And you no longer need to worry about the activation of Windows.

For the activator program to work correctly, you will need an additional Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5 application.

The developers installed this utility by default in Win 11 and Win 10. In other operating systems, you need to install this program yourself. You can download the application from the official Microsoft website at the link.

How to download the KMSAuto Net program?

The most important detail in the activation of the operating system is the Kms activation program itself. If you don’t have it on your computer, then you can download the latest version from the link below.

KMSAuto Net Exe pass: 2222

Activating the Windows operating system

There is nothing easier than activating Windows using the Kms Auto exe program.
The program requires literally a couple of actions from the user. We have compiled an illustrated instruction for you with which you will learn how to activate Windows.

  1. After downloading the archive with the program, it must be unpacked. Make sure in advance that the antivirus does not remove the activator. You need to add the archive and the program from the archive to the exceptions of the antivirus program.

    Unpack Kms Auto step 1

  2. After unpacking the KMSAuto utility, you need to run it as an administrator. Do not worry, the program will not delete or change anything in the system files. Administrator rights are required to create a virtual server.

    run to admin - step 2

  3. After starting the activator, you will see a large “Activation” button. You need to press this button. There is also an “Information” button next to it, which is responsible for information about your Windows system.

    start kms auto - step 3

  4. After clicking the “Activation” button, we will see two buttons “Activation Windows” and “Activation Office” in front of us. We need to click the first “Activation Windows” button.

    activation windows - step 4

  5. The activator program will take a few seconds and activation is ready. Next, you need to restart your computer.

    Windows is activated

The status of your operating system can be viewed by clicking on the “My Computer” shortcut and opening the “Properties” tab.
Usually these actions are enough to activate Windows 11, 10, 8, 7. If difficulties arise, it is worth trying to repeat everything starting from the first step. If you failed to activate the operating system, then you can write to us on the feedback page. We will try to help you.

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