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How to use KMSAuto

KMSAuto is the most popular and reliable activator of Microsoft products. You can use it to activate the Windows Operating System and the Office software package. You do not need to understand complex programming terminology in order to use this program. This activator will save you time and your money.

KmsAuto Net Exe download

There is always the latest version of the activator on our website. In the latest version, all errors have been fixed and activation methods have been updated. The program is absolutely free.


  1. Description of the KMSAuto program.
  2. Features of the Kms Auto program.
  3. System requirements.
  4. Disadvantages of Kms Auto Net.
  5. How to download KMSAuto Exe.
  6. How to use the program.

Description of the KMSAuto program.

The activation technology is unique. The utility creates a virtual server on your computer. This server simulates a Microsoft server and performs license verification of Office and Windows products. The method works 100%. You can always cancel all actions and get a license from the manufacturer.

Windows products Activation

To do this, you do not need to restore the operating system. Since the KMSAuto Net program does not change the operating system files. The program can be removed without consequences for your computer and operating system.

Features of the Kms Auto program.

Kms activates Office and Windows. This is the maximum indicator among activators. You don’t need to download a new utility every time. All in one program. Activation occurs automatically. All you have to do is press the button.

Full list of programs that can activate Kms Auto Exe:

  • Microsoft Offic 2010-2021;
  • Microsoft Windows 8-11;
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008-2021;

System requirements.

Every computer program needs resources. Kms activator is no exception. You need to have the following products on your computer:

  1. Microsoft Windows 8 and higher operating system.
  2. The library from Microsoft.Net 4.5.

As well as the activator program takes up 20 mb of memory on the computer’s hard disk.

Disadvantages of Kms Auto Net.

There is nothing perfect in the world and the KMSAuto Office activator is no exception. This program has its drawbacks. The program is not liked by antivirus defenders. You need to add an activator to the exceptions. Otherwise, the program functions will be blocked.

How to download KMSAuto Exe.

On our website you can download the archive with the latest version of the program. It is important. Always use fresh software. This will help to avoid software errors.

KMSAuto Net password 2222

How to use the program.

After you have downloaded KMSAuto, you need to unzip the program. To do this, use WinRAR. Then follow the instructions with pictures.

  1. Open the program with Administrator rights.

    Run KmsAuto Administrator

  2. Check the system status in the information window.

    KmsAuto status activated info - step 2

  3. Click “Activate Windows” or “Activate Office”.

    KMS Auto button Activation

  4. After activation, you need to restart your computer.

    KMSAuto complite

After the completed actions, you receive an activated Microsoft product. Now you should have no doubt that the Kms program is easy to use. You can always write to us and ask questions.

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KmsAuto Net Exe
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