KCleaner pro for Win 11, 10, 8, 7, XP

KCleaner Pro is a program from the author of the same name for Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, XP which effectively and thoroughly cleans the disks of a personal computer from the remnants of files after deleting programs, from automatically loaded utilities. The program is completely free and has an open source code.

kcleaner-pro for win

Application KCleaner

Can work in automatic mode and work in background mode;
it does not impose large requirements on the system and does not take up a lot of disk space.

Program interface

For beginners, the program offers a basic work option, but an expert profile is available for a professional. The application deletes garbage files without a trace. The program interface has a simple and convenient appearance. All settings are intuitive.

Features of the program

In expert mode, the user can manually sort through files and manage them. After installation, you can see the program icon in the Start menu, you can set the frequency of checking in hours, determine the loading of the utility together with the system, so as not to turn it on yourself every time.

Additional features of kcleaner pro

  • Cleaning the registry from garbage;
  • Cleaning the hard disk from outdated files;
  • Removing unused drivers;
  • Checking SSD drives;
  • Operating system data analysis;
  • Fast program operation time;

The user must turn off the program after work until the next OS session. A portable version is available, for using the utility without installation.

Download KCleaner Pro for Win.

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