StatPlus Pro for Windows

StatPlus is a utility for performing automatic statistical analysis that works with tabular data.

StatPlus-Pro for windows

About the StatPlus Pro program

The set of tools of the program is simply huge — there are dozens of analytical functions that will instantly display the data the user needs on the main screen. It is important that the table is compatible with Excel — then simplify the mutual transfer of data.

Program features

What are the functions of the StatPlus program capable of:

  • there are various analysis techniques that include, for example, quality control or regression analysis, working with time series and much more;
  • the program has several important modules built in, including a random number generator, as well as quite flexible transformation settings;
  • much attention has been paid to the work on the analysis of survival: users can perform Cox regression, as well as the possibility of organizing a survival table;

You will immediately want to work with statistics. As it will be organized in the most flexible way possible: there is a large selection of graphs, as well as the ability to edit data in real time to instantly see the results of the changes made.

The StatPlus program can load data in many formats and save them to Excel, SPSS and many other files. The Excel program is available in the activated Office.

StatPlus Pro download

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