Zer0 for Windows

Zer0 is a utility with a small installation size, with which you can remove from the hard disk or from any removable media those files that are unnecessarily located, and they are no longer recoverable. The program runs on the Windows operating system.

Zer0 for Windows

Zer0 Interface

The program works as reliably and efficiently as possible. The program ensures complete confidentiality of personal data that has been deleted. There are not so many settings and functions in the program. The user will easily master all the functionality. The interface is made in a language understandable to users, there is the functionality necessary for work.

Program Features

You need to select select specific files to be completely deleted. After working with the program, it will not be possible to return all deleted files. No third-party programs and utilities can help in restoring third-party applications, files and folders. The developers of the program have opened the source code of the application.

This version of the software allows you to achieve a good result when the user intends to delete the file that is not subject to distribution. Therefore, it is important that every document or hidden files prohibited for distribution does not fall into the wrong hands. It is impossible to restore the file after deletion.

You can download the program from the official website at the link below.

Download Zer0

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