LastPass Password Manager for Win

Lastpass is a program for any browsers and mobile devices, used as a cloud storage. With its help, forms are filled out when registering on Internet resource sites. All data is encrypted using the Randal algorithm, which gives full protection, despite the small size of the application.

Lastpass for windows

How to install LastPass Password Manager

When installing, you need to go to and open the downloads section. The download version of the addon from which the download takes place will appear on the top of the panel. For example, for chrome if a download was made using it.

In order to download an installer suitable for different browsers, you need to write more ways under the link and click download. For firefox or for opera, you need to use the links and tick the necessary boxes in the list in the browser extension.

Next, you need to create an account and enter a master password, the same needs to be done for Yandex browser. After completing the authorization, you can start working with the manager. To place accounts, fill out a form on the website.

Program Features

By installing Lastpass, you can save time for registering on websites and ensure the security of your personal data and passwords. To work, the program needs a browser that supports the installation of extensions and components.

Download LastPass Password Manager

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