MSMG ToolKit for Windows

MSMG ToolKit – this software is a very high-tech digital platform that will allow users to independently create a distribution of the Windows operating system. The main unique feature of the software is that it has a significantly simplified management model adapted to ordinary users. The program has an open source code that you can find on the official website or on the Internet.

MSMG ToolKit

Features of MSMG ToolKit

Using this application, it will be easy to create a simplified version of the OS, based on the installation image in ISO format. At the same time, you will be able to personally remove all unnecessary components yourself in order to get a clean and ready-to-work platform.

Program interface

All user actions will be performed in the classic system interface, similar to the BIOS menu style. Minimalistic and intuitive interface familiar to us since the 90s. This way, users will be able to quickly adapt to the visual features of the software and perform all the necessary actions.

Advantages of the application

  • Advanced operating system setup;
  • Ability to manage individual system functions;
  • Adaptation to different versions of Windows OS;
  • Intuitive interface;

This program is available for free from the official developer source.

Download MSMG ToolKit

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