NovaBench for Windows

NovaBench is a convenient specialized program for checking the performance of your computer. The software is capable of running on any device with the Windows operating system activated.

NovaBench for Windows

About the app

The application allows you to verify the complete integrity and power of your personal computer, so when comparing some results with others, users can identify a number of additional privileges. The program uses extreme technology that is capable of subjecting a personal computer to a huge load after six tests that will last about 2-3 minutes.

Features of NovaBench

In particular, the software will check the performance of the computer, the persistence of the hard disk and memory, which can lead to the maximum permissible load on a specific source, especially on the motherboard.

After the tests, the application will generate a personal rating of your computer, which will provide accurate data. NovaBench is an excellent option for testing a personal computer. Tests generally take only 2-3 minutes, after which the application will automatically give out any developed estimates, and information on the analysis of the system.

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