UltraSearch for Windows

UltraSearch is a program for accelerated search of any files on NTFS disk storage. The program is open source.

ultrasearch free for windows

About UltraSearch

Despite the limitations and only working with NTFS, the program offers maximum search speed. If the user regularly needs to search for files, but the amount of data is large and the standard search tools of the operating system take a lot of time, then this utility is indispensable.

The key decision of the program developers is not to work with indexes, but directly with the file table. At the same time, it is very convenient to use the program — a number of important functions are offered.

Program functions

To start the search, you do not need to specify the exact data. For example, you can start searching even without specifying the file name — you can specify only its extension. This will lead to finding a large number of files, but then the user will be able to refine the request;
in a single interface, it is easy to add a symbol to the search, change the extension, and also filter out the files found – by name, location or date of last modification.
UltraSearch Rus Portable

Another important feature of UltraSearch is the ability to save search templates. If a certain category of files needs to be searched regularly, now it will happen even faster.

You can download the program from the official website.

Download Ultra Search

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