UltraViewer for Windows OS

UltraViewer is a utility for gaining access to the client’s computer for subsequent corrections to the system. The program is open source. This is a great replacement for the paid Teamviewer app.

Ultra Viewer for Windows

Description of the UltraViewer application

Remote control of computer operation is needed by both private clients and organizations. At the same time, the specialist performing the configuration can receive different levels of access and do only what was allowed.

What are the capabilities and features of the utility

To get started, you will need to specify the data of the user who plans to connect to the remote computer. This data consists of only two parameters: a unique profile number and a password;
next, you need to specify the data from the computer to which you are connecting – a unique name and password. Another user, specifies his data and confirms the connection;
in addition to the ability to configure security, access, a number of system parameters, view reports, you can use chat in the program itself. Users can discuss any ongoing work or view past recordings.

So that users can not worry about the quality of the connection, there are additional security tools here. You can set up a secure connection, which is especially useful when helping business clients.
To run the program, you will need the Windows operating system 11, 10, 8, 7. You also need from 100 MB of free disk space and the ability to run applications with system administrator rights.
The developers of the program have updated the version and fixed a bug in the data transfer module.

Download UltraViewer for Win

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