VirtualBox Extension Pack

VirtualBox Extension Pack is a set of plugins that extend the functionality of the main program. VirtualBox helps users to virtualize operating systems. That is, in the program, specialists can test different builds and OS versions. For example, you can run Windows 10 while working on a MAC.

VirtualBox Extension Pack

Description of VirtualBox Pack

The virtual machine does not affect the actual system files. It only simulates the operation of a computer. The user can run programs incompatible with his operating system through VirtualBox.

To fully work in VirtualBox, you will need to install an additional Extension Pack module, which adds new features to the program, for example, working with flash drives.

Main functions

  • Allows you to work with USB devices.
  • Adds the ability to launch the desktop remotely.
  • Encryption of VirtualBox files.
  • Moving files from the virtual system to the main one.


Adds features that are not available in the standard version of VirtualBox.
You can use a webcam in an OS incompatible with the installation of such a device.
The program is available for most operating systems: Linux, Windows, macOS, Solaris.

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